Lodge Diary

April 2018

Tuesday 24th 1915 Tewington 1st Degree Demonstration.
Tuesday 24th 1900 Colville Smith 2nd Degree Demonstration.
Wednesday 25th 1900 Hamoaze Elections.
Thursday 26th 1900 St. Andrew 2nd Degree Demonstration.
Thursday 26th 1915 St. Pirans 2nd Degree.

May 2018

Tuesday 1st 1900 True and Faithful 2nd Degree & Ballots.
Tuesday 1st 1915 Trenwith 2nd Degree & Ballot.
Tuesday 1st 1900 St. Martins 2nd Degree on behalf of Lodge 9861.
Wednesday 2nd 1900 St. Annes 1st Degree.
Wednesday 2nd 1900 Three Grand Principles Presentation, "Masonic Incidents."
Wednesday 2nd 1900 Zetland 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 2nd 1915 St. Levan Talk, "Free Masonry in the Chanell Island under the German Occupation."
Wednesday 2nd 1900 Carlyon 1st Degree Tracing Board.
Wednesday 2nd 1630 Molesworth Installation, booking by 25th April.
Thursday 3rd 1900 Towan 3rd Degree.
Friday 4th 1630 St. Euny Installation.
Tuesday 8th 1900 Lodge of the Chisel 3rd Degree & Ballots.
Tuesday 8th 1830 Sir Humphry Davy 3rd Degree Questions, Grand Lodge Certificate Presentations, Elections & Ballots.
Tuesday 8th 1915 St. Michael Double 2nd Degree.
Tuesday 8th 1500 Pendennis 2 x 3rd Degree
Tuesday 8th 1900 Peace and Harmony 1st Degree.
Tuesday 8th 1900 St. Gluvias "Walking Charge."
Wednesday 9th 1900 Cornish Maritime 3rd Degree & Elections.
Wednesday 9th 1900 Mount Edgcumbe 1st Degree & Ballots.
Thursday 10th 1900 Eliot Talk, "Rudyard Kipling Freemason & Writer."
Thursday 10th 1530 Lyonesse Installation, booking by 2nd May.
Friday 11th The King Arthur Installation.
Monday 14th 12915 One and All Talk, "A Daily Advancement."
Monday 14th 1915 Tregenna Open and Close in the 3 Degrees with various presentations and explanations in each.
Tuesday 15th 1900 Restormel Business.
Tuesday 15th 1900 The Cornishman 2nd Degree & Ballot.
Wednesday 16th 1900 Duke of Cornwall 2nd Degree by St. Denys Lodge.
Wednesday 16th 1915 Mount Sinai 1st Degree.
Friday 18th Sir John Saint Aubyn Installation.
Saturday 19th 1930 Liskeard Methodist Church BOB MUCHMORE MEMORIAL CONCERT.
Sunday 20th 1400 Newquay Masonic Hall Charity Presentation Day.
Tuesday 22nd 1630 Beacon Installation, booking by 17th May.
Wednesday 23rd 1900 Truro School 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 23rd Hamoaze Installation.
Friday 25th St. Enodoc Installation.
Saturday 26th 1400 Cornish Acacia 3rd Degree Demonstration.

June 2018

Tuesday 5th 1900 True and Faithful 2nd Degree.
Wednesday 20th 1915 Mount Sinai 3rd Degree.

July 2018

Tuesday 3rd 1900 St. Petroc Talk on Egyptology.
Wednesday 18th 1915 Mount Sinai 1st degree.
Wednesday 25th 1900 Truro School Elections & Walking Charge.

August 2018

Wednesday 15th 1915 Mount Sinai 3rd Degree.

September 2018

Tuesday 4th 1900 True and Faithful 3rd Degree.
Friday 14th QCCC Conference - "Freemasons in the Transatlantic World." Details from PGL Office.
Wednesday 19th 1915 Mount Sinai 2nd Degree.
Wednesday 26th Truro School Installation.

October 2018

Tuesday 2nd 1900 True and Faithful 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 17th 1915 Mount Sinai 1st Degree.
Monday 22nd 1530 The Earl of Saint Germans Installation.

November 2018

Tuesday 6th 1900 True and Faithful 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 21st 1915 Mount Sinai 2nd Degree.

December 2018

Tuesday 4th 1900 True and Faithful Elections.
Wednesday 19th 1915 Mount Sinai Elections.

January 2019

Friday 4th 1600 True and Faithful Installation.

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