Lodge Diary

June 2017

Monday 26th 1900 The Earl of Saint Germans Discuss amalgamation.
Tuesday 27th 1915 Tewington Talk on the Masonic & Non-Masonic Charities supported by Cornish Freemasons.
Tuesday 27th 1900 Colville Smith 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 28th 1900 Breanick 1st Degree.
Thursday 29th 1900 St. Andrew Talk, "National Service Plus."
Thursday 29th 1900 True and Faithful 3rd Degree.
Friday 30th 1100 Cornish Links Elections.

July 2017

Monday 3rd 1900 Loyal Victoria 2nd Degree.
Tuesday 4th 1915 Trenwith 1st Degree.
Wednesday 5th 1900 Three Grand Principles 1st Degree Tracing Board.
Wednesday 5th 1900 St. Annes 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 5th 1915 St. Levan 2nd Degree.
Thursday 6th 1900 Restormel Notice of Motion regarding the future of the Lodge.
Friday 7th 1900 St. Euny 3rd Degree.
Saturday 8th 1500 St. Columb TR8 4LP. Family Fun Day, Barn Dance & Hog Roast at Trebudannon Point-Point Race Course.
Monday 10th 1900 Meridian Talk, "Solomon, man of Wisdom or man of folly."
Monday 10th 1915 One and All 2nd Degree.
Thursday 13th 1915 Lyonesse 2nd Degree Demonstration.
Wednesday 19th 1915 Mount Sinai 2nd Degree.

August 2017

Wednesday 16th 1915 Mount Sinai 1st Degree.

September 2017

Thursday 7th 1900 Restormel Presentation of Accounts.
Tuesday 12th 1915 St. Michael 3rd Degree by Provincial Stewards.
Wednesday 20th 1915 Mount Sinai 3rd Degree.
Saturday 23rd Tamar Bridge Green, Saltash. Tercentenary Banner received from Province of Devonshire followed by ceremony at St. Mellion Golf Club.
Sunday 24th 1500 St. Petroc's Church, Bodmin. Combined Christian Orders Annual Church Service.

October 2017

Thursday 5th 1900 Towan 2nd Degree.
Thursday 5th 1900 Restormel Business.
Saturday 14th St. Mary's Tercentenary Banner transferred to Isles of Scilly.
Wednesday 18th 1915 Mount Sinai 2nd Degree.
Friday 20th Roseland Installation.
Tuesday 31st Royal Albert Hall. United Grand Lodge of England Celebrations.

November 2017

Thursday 2nd 1900 Restormel Reading of extracts from the Book of Constitutions.
Wednesday 15th 1915 Mount Sinai 3rd Degree by Past Masters.

December 2017

Thursday 7th 1900 Restormel Elections & reading of the Byelaws.
Sunday 10th St. Petroc's Church, Bodmin. Provincial Carol Service.
Wednesday 20th 1915 Mount Sinai Elections.

January 2018

Thursday 4th 1600 Restormel Installation, booking by 22nd December 2017.

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