Chapters In Cornwall

The Royal Arch is organised a very similar way to the Craft. Each unit is called a CHAPTER instead of a Lodge and operate under Charters rather than Warrants. The ruling body of the Royal Arch is known as the Supreme Grand Chapter of England. This effectively the “parliament” of the Order and rules by means of a Committee of General Purposes. Its powers are similar to those exercised by Grand Lodge. The Royal Arch shares its administration with Grand Lodge and by the virtue of its status as part of Pure Ancient Masonry it also holds its meetings at Freemasons Hall.

Each Province is under the authority of a Provincial Grand Chapter. Provinces are run by a Grand Superintendent who annually appoints a Second and Third Grand Principal, a Deputy and a team of active Provincial Officers. He is the equivalent of the Provincial Grand Master in the Craft and exercises the same authority over the Order. Province of Cornwall was founded in the late seventeenth century and its first Grand Superintendent was Thomas Dunckerly.

A list of those distinguished companions who have occupied the principle offices of our Cornish Provincial Grand Chapter can be found in our year book which is published and updated for distribution each October.

Our Province currently comprises 32 Chapters meeting in various Masonic Centres throughout Cornwall. A list of our Chapters and contact to the Chapter’s Scribe Es [Secretary] can be found elsewhere in the site.

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The Annual Convocation of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Cornwall will be held at The Atlantic Hotel, Newquay on Saturday, 5th October 2019 under the banner of St. Michael Chapter (2747) commencing at 11.30 a.m.