Active Provincial Chapter Officers

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
mp. David Walter Pascoe

Deputy Grand Superintendent
E.Comp. Anthony John Evans, PGSwdB

Provincial Grand Officers 2019-2020
Appointed on Saturday, 4th October 2019
Active appointments
2nd PrincipalP.R.C. Gale1272
3rd PrincipalA.D. Ward7134
Scribe EzraM.A.J. Barnard M.B.E.5371
Scribe NehemiahR.C. Dominey330
TreasurerJ.M. Arnold5698
RegistrarA.G. Orchard1785
Director of CeremoniesR.J. Thomson1544
Sword BearerM.S. Boghall5698
Deputy Director of CeremoniesD. Stephens1006
Deputy Director of CeremoniesJ.J.P. Bonner510
AlmonerP.S. Christie330
Charity StewardJ.C. Benjamin1544
Principle SojournerS.J. Brighton450
1st Assistant SojournerJ.F. Wakem557
2nd Assistant SojournerD.G. Peters789
Assistant Scribe EzraC.M. Sharrinton5371
Standard BearerS.C. Bennett2747
Standard BearerJ.L. Francis7790
Standard BearerP.B. Nicholls450
OrganistR.J. Wills1544
Assistant Director of CeremoniesR.N. Clowes557
Assistant Director of CeremoniesN.R Stephens121
StewardA.J. Nicholls1529
StewardD.J. Prouse3405
JanitorT.J. Doran330
First Appointment to Past Rank  
Past Provincial Grand Sword BearerR.A. Blacklock1006
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerA. Evans5371
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerB.H. Martin7134
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerK.A. Powell967
Past Provincial Grand Standard BearerM.A. Crago1136
Past Provincial Grand Standard BearerP.C. Fletcher1164
Past Provincial Grand Standard BearerJ.H. Hancock496
Past Provincial Grand Standard BearerR.A. Scamp75
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerP.F. Lusty967
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerG.E. Wilcox331
Past Provincial Scribe NehemiahR.R. Francis-Williams331
Past Provincial Scribe NehemiahP.E. Higgins970
Past Provincial Scribe NehemiahG.F.W. Isaacs8543
Past Provincial Scribe NehemiahA.E. Woodhams5134
Past Provincial Grand RegistrarC. Bryant4668
Past Provincial Grand RegistrarG.R. Field7134
Past Provincial Sword BearerR.E. Deacon970
Past Provincial Sword BearerJ.C. Kinchin557
Past Provincial Sword BearerW.H. Miners510
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerC.H. Moore1272
Past Provincial 1st Assistant SojournerS. Symons1136
Certificate of Service
Certificate of ServiceW.K. Vigus331


The Queen and Royal Arch Masonry

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Most Excellent, the First Grand Principal,
His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC *

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Most Excellent Pro First Grand Principal,
Peter Geoffrey Lowndes

The Most Excellent Second Grand Principal,
Russell John Race, DL

The Most Excellent Third Grand Principal,
Gareth Jones, O.B.E.

and the rest of the Grand Officers, Present and Past †

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
David Pascoe

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Deputy Grand Superintendent
Excellent Companion Anthony (Tony) Evans

The Provincial Second Grand Principal
Excellent Companion Paul Gale

The Provincial Third Grand Principal
Excellent Companion David Ward

and the rest of Provincial Grand Officers, Present and Past

*.. * ..* ..*.. *.. *.. *

The Principals of the Chapter

*   *   *   *   *   *   * etc, etc.

* The Honorifics (KG, etc) should be omitted when proposing this toast

† There need not always be a reply to this toast.                                                                  Dated 4th October 2019