Charity is an integral theme running throughout all branches of Freemasonry and is an attribute that all members are actively encouraged to practice from the day they begin their journey into Freemasonry. It is instilled into us that we contribute what we can afford, both financially and in the giving of our time to voluntary efforts and works, without detriment to ourselves or our families. We are also taught that we do this without seeking personal gain or glory, so Freemasonry has an impact on society without people realising, except those who are beneficiaries.

The money we raise comes from our own members and their social activities, rather than from members of the public. While we aid our members and their dependents, we also feel proud that Freemasonry supports non-masonic charities and is one of the highest donors to charitable projects after the National Lottery.

Freemasonry makes a major charitable contribution to society at all levels.

• Locally, individual lodges provide help to their own members and families if required, as well as supporting groups and individuals that may need assistance.
• The Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall supports regional causes with larger donations, as well as supporting groups and individuals that may need assistance. During 2018 the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall presented over £55,000 to non-masonic charities at their cheque presentation day in Newquay
• Whereas, the United Grand Lodge of England supports many national and international charities, including medical research and international disaster relief funds.

Although Freemasonry is not a charity, it does have charitable organisations which look after members, and society, from their early years to later in life.

Please feel free to browse through the rest of the Charity pages to appreciate a better understanding of our support for all local and deserving charities.