The Society was formed in 2007 with the objective to promote Clay Pigeon Shooting throughout the Province of Cornwall. If you have an interest in shooting and would like to join a group of like minded individuals.

President – Right Worshipful Brother  Stephen C Pearn
Team Captain – Worshipful Brother Steve Ball
Secretary – Worshipful Brother Martin Bywaters
Treasurer – Worshipful Brother R A Brook
Team Vice Captain – Worshipful Brother Peter Everest
Assistant Secretary – Worshipful Brother Derek Gaunt
Safety Officers – Worshipful Brother Derek Gaunt and Worshipful Brother Derek Mashford

(Every member must be a subscribing member of a Cornish Craft Lodge and hold a current shotgun certificate)

For further information please contact the Secretary Martin Bywaters Tel: 07768 850 246 Email:


2022 Shooting Days:

February 26th               13.00hr Tregoose

March 20th                    11.00hr     Cartridge

April 24th                       11.00hr    Moorlands

May 1st                            10.00hr   Annual Fun Shoot Trentinne

May 22nd                         13.00hr   Tregoose

June 4th                            11.00hr    Highview

July 2nd                            11.00hr    Moorlands

August 14th                      13.00hr  Tregoose

September 24th               11.00hr   Cartridge

October 23rd                    11.00hr    Highview

November 19th                13.00hr    Tregoose

December 18th                 11.00hr     Moorlands Christmas shoot

*Please Note Start times may vary