The problem of exporting Freemasonry to Cornwall at the beginning of the eighteenth century was the very poor infrastructure.  However, by the end of the 1700s there was a stage coach from England to Bodmin and Falmouth, with many more branch routes to follow. The tin mining industry was also in its ascendency.  Falmouth was developing into a flourishing port.  Therefore it is not unsurprising, that with an active social society and an increasing intellectual population, the need for a gentleman's club was considered necessary.  The camaraderie that Freemasonry offered, saw the founding of the first Masonic Lodge in Cornwall in 1751,  Love and Honour Lodge, now Number 75, met at the King's Arms Tavern in Falmouth, and was formed a year before the Province of Cornwall was established.

A chronical showing the expansion of Freemasonry in the Province of Cornwall is below.



1751   The Premier Lodge warranted at Falmouth, as No. 146, now 75. 1752   Lodge warranted at Helston as No. 151, erased as 120 in 1774.
Founding of the Masonic Province of Cornwall, R.W. Bro. W. Pye appointed 1st P.G.M.., (15th in England)
1754   The first Druids' Lodge warranted at Redruth as No. 176; active until 1828, dormant until 1851 when resuscitated as No. 589
1755   Issac Head appointed Provincial Grand Master for the Isles of Scilly. Lodge warranted at Penzance as No. 271, erased as No. 163 in 1777.
1756   Dolphin Lodge 365 warranted in the Isles of Scilly by Issac Head, P.G.M.
1779   Death of Issac Head. No successor appointed; the Province of the Isles of Scilly ended in 1783.
1783   Lodge of Love and Honour 75 subscribed £25 for the erection of the Freemasons' Hall, London, and received a silver medal for its Master to wear in perpetuity. Only three other Lodges     outside London, were so distinguished.
1793   Regulations for Provincial Grand Lodge approved.
1794   Sir John St. Aubyn Bt. presented a set of jewels, and Sir Francis Bassett Bt. a Sword of State, to PGL which are still in use.
1808   Provincial Grand Stewards for Cornwall first appointed.
1810   Volubian R.A. Chapter at Falmouth as No. 157 and exchanged in 1828 as No. 75.
1812   R.W.Bro. W. Ernshaw (Past SGW) instructed the Cornish Lodges at Falmouth in the revised work preparatory to the union of the two Grand Lodges.
1815   Provincial Grand Deacons of Cornwall first appointed.
1819   On 14th May at Falmouth, the unified working of the three Degrees was demonstrated as approved by the Grand Lodge in 1816.
1835   Foundation Stones of Lander Column laid with Masonic Honours at Truro. 1836   The Dunstanville Monument at Carn Brea inaugurated with Masonic Honours.
1864   Cornwall Masonic Annuity Fund established. Since 1978 called the Cornish Masonic Benevolent Fund. 1869   Centenary warrant granted to Love and Honour Lodge, 75, Falmouth, the first in the Province.
1872   On 27th August, a Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall laid at Liskeard.
1874   On 14th August, a joint meeting of the PG Lodges of Devon and Cornwall at Plymouth, for H.R.H. The Duke of Cornwall, M.W., Grand Master of England.
1876   On 10th January, a Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall laid at Redruth.
1877   On 20th February, Provincial Grand Chapter of R.A. Masons constituted at Truro.
1880   On 20th May, Grand Lodge was opened at the Town Hall, Truro, for the laying of the Foundation Stone of Truro Cathedral, by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, the M.W. Grand Master, with full masonic ceremonial.
1885   Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall laid at Falmouth.
1888   Foundation Stone of the Obelisk at Padstow was laid as a memorial of Her Majesty's Jubilee.
1891   Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall laid at Wadebridge. The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, P.G.M. appointed D.G.M. of England and 2nd Grand Principal in Grand Chapter.
1893   On 21st September, a Corner Stone of a new Church at Millbrook was laid with Masonic rites.
1895   On 21st May, the Foundation Stone of Liskeard Cottage Hospital was laid, the gift of Bro. John Passmore Edwards.
1897   Foundation Stone of the Cornwall Central Technical College laid with Masonic ceremonial.
1898   Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall laid in Camborne.
1900   Stones of the Masonic Halls laid in St Austell and Calstock.
1901   A "History of Freemasonry in West Cornwall from 1765-1828" by J.G. Osborn, P.M. 330 published. 1903   The Nave of Truro Cathedral dedicated on the presence of T.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales, the P.G.M. and Brethren.
1904   Charity Jewels presented to Brethren acting as Stewards for the first occasion by the P.G.L.
1907   St. Michael Chapter, 2747 consecrated on 6th July.
1908   On 29th June, the Province of Cornwall attended the Dedication of Truro Cathedral and its Western Towers, completing the work commenced at the Especial Grand Lodge in 1880.
1910   Lodge One and All 330 celebrated its Centenary: the Corner Stone of the Masonic Hall laid.
1912   Masonic Hall at Penryn dedicated.
1915   A motor ambulance was presented by Freemasons of Cornwall to the 25th Field Ambulance.
1917   W.Bro. P. Colville Smith, 331, Deputy P.G.M., appointed Grand Secretary and Grand Scribe E.
1919   On 2nd June, H.R.H. The Prince of Wales Duke of Cornwall, initiated, the P.G.M. acting as S.W. Masonic Hall at Looe dedicated.
1927   The P.G.M. presented two standards to P.G.L., with arms of the P.G.M. and the arms of P.G.L.
1928   On 29th November, Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall, Newquay, was laid.
1934   Dedication of Masonic Temple at Union Place, Truro (Fortitude Lodge, 131).
1935   On 29th July, the P.G.M. handed over to the Cathedral the first bay of the cloisters, erected by the Freemasons, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone.
1937   On 25th May. the P.G.M. laid the foundation stone of St. Andrew's Church, Redruth. On 11th June, the Masonic Hall at Padstow was dedicated.
1940   The Rawling Memorial Fund inaugurated; now the Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Fund. 1942   On 19th May. Lodge premises at Tuckingmill were dedicated.
1946   The following Lodges were consecrated: 11th April, Trewinnard, 6157, 17th May, Fistral, 6258, 25th September, Essa, 6278, and 30th September, Trenwith 6309.
1951   Cornwall Masonic Study Circle formed in Truro.  Open to all members of the Craft.
1954   "Two Hundred Years of Freemasonry in Cornwall, 1751-1951," by W.Bro. K. Durston, 3405.
1959   On 22nd January, St Piran's 7620 consecrated. The Province now having 50 Lodges is entitled to an Assistant PGM.
1960   "A Record of Freemasonry in the Province of Cornwall, 1751-1959." Published by W.Bro. E.S. Vincent 331.
1961   On 2nd December, Godolphin Lodge, 7790, Isles of Scilly was consecrated; Master's chair and jewels of the Provincial Offices of Godolphin Lodge, erased in 1851, are in use. 1962   The Foundation Stone of the Masonic Hall at Saltash is laid 1967   On 13th May, dedication of Masonic Hall at Perranporth. On 1st July, a Service in Truro Cathedral for the 250th Anniversary of Grand Lodge.
1970   A new Provincial banner was presented by W.Bro. F.E. Caldicott, St. Piran's Lodge, 7620.
1971   St. Luke's Lodge, 5371, sold their Tuckingmill premises and now use the Camborne Hall.
1972   On 25th November, E.Comp. L.A. Richards, P.G. Treas. was appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent. The first such appointment to be made by any Provincial Grand Chapter.
1973   On 3rd February, the Masonic Hall at Cyril Road, Truro dedicated.
1974   On June 13th, Eliot 1164, celebrated the 100th birthday of W.Bro. Dr. G.R.U. Harman, PPSGW. He was W.M. in 1911.
1977   On 6th October, Provincial Grand Chapter Centenary celebrated and "Royal Arch Masonry in Cornwall" published.
1979   On 6th January, the "Perry Morgan" Temple at Hayle, was dedicated.
1980   On 12th April, a Service was held a Truro Cathedral to celebrate the Centenary, and its close ties with Cornish Freemasonry.
1981   For the first time since 1922, the Province sponsored a Festival for the R.M.B.I. On 3rd June, the P.G.M handed over £3/4 million. Cotehele Lodge 2166 established a record of the highest ever lodge total of £16,000; another record was a £7 average per member in the Province. In September E.Comp. Watters was appointed Deputy Grand Superintendent replacing E. Comp. A.E.B Greenwood.
1982   On 3rd April, W.Bro. L.R. Francis, PSGD, was invested as Deputy PGM in succession to V.W. Bro. C Andrew, PGSuptWks. W.Bro. S.J. Pearce, PGStdB, was invested as APGM.
On 4th April, the PGM and other Brethren flew to Gibraltar to attend their DGL and other meetings. It enable the PGM to thank them for their support for the 1981 Festival.
1983   On 8th February, Molesworth Lodge, 1954, celebrated their Centenary with a Thanksgiving Service at St. Breock Church. On 4th March, at Exeter the deeds of the site of the R.M.B.I. Home for the Elderly were handed to the R.M.B.I. £50,000 was presented by the PGM as a first instalment towards £150,000 to match the ultimate Devon contribution.
1984   At Grand Lodge, W.Bro. N.J.F.C. Barrington was invested as Grand Treasurer.   In Grand Chapter, E.Comp. N.J.F.C. Barrington was invested as Grand Treasurer. On 17th June, a Service held at Truro Cathedral for Brethren and Families. The PGM handed over for the Restoration Fund, from the Grand Charity £5,000 and from our Cornwall Grand Charity £1,000. In
addition the collection raised £480.
1985   On 9th February, St. Stephen's Lodge, 9147 was consecrated at Saltash. In April at PGL, the PGM presented R.W.Bro. Alan Ferris, Chairman of the R.M.B.I with £45,000 completing our half share with Devonshire of the £300,000 for the site of the Home for the Elderly, Cadogan Court at Exeter, and £8,341 the oversubscribed amount of the appeal to be used for a permanent feature at the Home. The Grand Charity donated £800 to the Mount Edgcumbe Hospice at St. Austell, with 4 further yearly amounts of £800 each. The Provincial Office moved from Lemon Street to the Masonic Hall, Truro.
1986   A Cornwall Branch of the Devon & Cornwall Masonic Study Circle was formed. On 13th September, at a Special Meeting of PGL held at Hayle School, the PGM installed W.Bro. S.J. Pearce as his Deputy and W.Bro. R.E. Crabb as his Assistant. A presentation was made to V.W. Bro. L.R Francis, the retiring DPGM. On 1st December, the foundation stone was laid for a sheltered housing project, Robert Eliot Court at Trevarrick Road, St. Austell; by the PGM, the Hon. Robert Eliot and R.W. Bro. Lt. Col. the Lord Burnham Chairman of Compass Housing Association Ltd.
1987   On 16th May Cotehele Lodge, 2166 celebrated its Centenary. On 30th May, St. Enodoc became the 67th Lodge when it was consecrated at Tintagel. It meets at Wadebridge. On July 13th, the PGM welcomed the first tenants to Robert Eliot Court at St. Austell. On 1st October, Cadogan Court, the R.M.B.I. Home for the South West was officially opened. On 17th October, Three Spires Lodge was consecrated at Newquay. It meets at Truro. On 5th November, the PGM and Officers dedicated the banner of Towan Lodge 7684.
1988 On 23rd January, the Grand Superintendent and Officers, consecrated Tewington Chapter meeting at St Austell. On 10th April, a service was held at Truro Cathedral celebrated the centenary of its consecration.  The PGM handed the Dean a cheque for £3,535 and the collection realized £457. On 3rd December, the Grand Superintendent and Officers consecrated Caradon Royal Arch Chapter 8543
1989   On 20th February, the PGM became the Founding Master of the Aedes Christi Lodge, 9304, in London. It is restricted to former members of Christ Church, the Oxford College On 10th July, the PGM presented £1,300 to the Cornwall Air Ambulance Appeal; from the Annual Ball and Raffle and the collection at PGL. On 23rd September at PG Chapter, Ex. Comp. W.L. Watters retired as DepGSupt. and Ex. Comp. N.J.F.C Barrington, PG Treasurer was invested in his stead. 3 Lodges were consecrated: Sir Humphry Davy, 9327 Penzance on 16th September; Trevithick, 9339 Redruth on 21st October; Agricultural 9342 St. Columb on 25th November.
1990 2 lodges were consecrated: The Cornishman, 9350 Hayle on 10th February and The Cornish Maritime 9374 Falmouth  on 26th May. On 11th July, the PGM presented £1,000 to the St. Julia's Hospice, Hayle, £500 being the collection at the PGL and £500 from the Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Institute. On 23rd June, the PGM attended the Centenary Meeting of the Cornish Lodge 2369, in London and presented them with their Centenary Warrant on behalf of Grand Lodge. On 10th September. the PGM and Officers rededicated the Banner of Druids Lodge, 589.
On 12th December, V.W.Bro. S.J. Pearce, Deputy PGM and W.Bro. N.J.F.C. Barrington, PG Treasurer presented £1,500 to St. Julia's Hospice, and £700 was sent to Mount Edgcumbe Hospice, both from the Grand Charity. The Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Fund sent £5,000 to the New Samaritan Fund of the R.M.H. with the collection from PGL of £600 and half of the Provincial Ball/Raffle of £778. The other half of the Provincial Ball/Raffle was presented to Lady Falmouth, Chairman of Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals by the PGM on 26th June 1991. On 20th October, The Lodge of the Chisel 9398 St. Columb was consecrated at Newquay.
1991   On 6th April at PGL, W.Bro. R.E. Crabb PSGD, retired as the Assistant PGM after 5 years' service. W.Bro. N.J.F.C. Barrington, PG Treasurer, was invested as Assistant PGM. On 18th May, The Beacon Lodge 9425 Bodmin was consecrated at Tintagel. The Founders petitioned Grand Lodge for it to be called "The Hubert Dingle Lodge". However Grand Lodge rules do not allow
Lodges to be named after PDPGMs. On 15th June, the Provincial Garden Party at Trewithen Gardens, Probus raised £5,810.47. On 19th October, the Cornish Ashlar Lodge 9446 at Newquay was consecrated. The Lodge was formed from the Cornwall Study Circle. On 23rd November, Greystone Border Lodge 9449 was consecrated, meeting at Launceston. On 9th December the Deputy PGM, presented a cheque for £1,500 to St, Julia's Hospice, Hayle, from the Grand Charity. The same amount was given to Mount Edgcumbe Hospice.
1992 On 4th April, at PGL, V.W. Bro. Jepson spoke on the work of the New Masonic Samaritan Fund. The PGM presented him with £1,500 made up from half the proceeds of the Provincial Ball and the collection from PG Lodge. On 21st April, the Deputy PGM and Officers dedicated the Banner of the Beacon Lodge 9425. On 30th May, the Eagle Lodge 9472 (by Brethren in aviation) was consecrated at Newquay. On 10th June, Brethren from the Province supported the PGM at Earls Court, London to celebrate the 275th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge and the 25th Anniversary of the Installation of the MW Grand Master. To celebrate the occasion the PGM is allowed to appoint one Past Provincial Grand Rank for every ten, or part of ten, Provincial Lodges. On 24th June, 670 Brethren and families, attended Evensong at Truro Cathedral to celebrate the formation of Grand Lodge 275 years ago. The PGM and the Deputy PGM read the lessons and The Dean preached The PGM presented £7,200 for the Cathedral Fabric Fund; £6,000 from the Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Fund and £1,200 from Lodge Donations. The collection of £562 also went to the Fund. On 31st July, the PGM presented the Cornwall First Air Ambulance, £1,000 being half the proceeds of the Provincial Ball, and £3,000 from an anonymous widow. On 26th September, the Cornish Links Lodge 9841, from the Cornwall Masonic Golfing Society, was consecrated at Newquay. On 6th October the Assistant PGM W.Bro. N.J.F.C. Barrington, PGSD, and the Provincial team, dedicated the Lodge Banner of Trenwith Lodge 6309. On 16th October, the PGM and Officers dedicated the Banner of Fistral Lodge 6258. On 31st October M.W. Bro. The Rt.Hon. Lord Cornwallis, Past Pro GM. and team consecrated the 80th Lodge in the Province, named after the PGM, The Hon. Robert Eliot.
1993   Three Banners were dedicated in February by the PGM and his team: the Agricultural Lodge of Cornwall 9342, Fowey Lodge 977, and Trevithick Lodge 9339. The PGM presented £2,000 (£1,500 from Grand Charity and £500 from CMBF) to the Mount Edgcumbe Hospice. On 1st April, Greystone Border Lodge 9449 banner was dedicated by the PGM and Officers. On 3rd April at PGL, the PGM invested W.Bro. K.F. Crewes, PAGDC as an APGM. W.Bro. H.T. Willis as Prov. Grand Secretary. The Deputy PGM, V.W. Bro. S.J. Pearce presented the PGM with a Claret jug donated by the Lodges in recognition of his 50 years in Freemasonry. On 14th May, the PGM presented £2,000, from the Provincial Ball and Raffle, to Lady Falmouth the Chairman of the Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals. On 15th July, Truro School Lodge 5630 had its Banner dedicated by the PGM and Officers.
1994   On 5th March the G Supt and his Officers consecrated the Duke of Cornwall Chapter, 1529 meeting at St Columb.
On 30th March, at Zetland Lodge 1071 W.Bro. K.F. Crewes, APGM and Officers dedicated the Lodge Banner. On 9th April at PGL, V.W.Bro. Sydney J. Pearce retired after 8 years as Deputy PGM. The PGM appointed W.Bro. N.J.F.C. Barrington, PSGD as Deputy PGM and W.Bro. J.B. Kitson, PPSGW as an Asst PGM. On 16th May, the Province was shocked by the death of the PGM, The Hon. Robert Eliot. On 24th June, St. Denys Lodge 8250 held their 25th Anniversary, followed by a Sunday Service at St Denys Parish Church. On 11th October, Peace and Harmony Lodge, 496 celebrated their 150th Anniversary. On 16th October, a "Songs of Praise" service was held at St. Petroc Church, Bodmin. £500 was presented to the Church. The Service was recorded and tapes were sold in aid of the 2002 Festival. On 27th October at a Special PGL at Newquay, W.Bro. N.J.F.C. Barrington Dep. PGM was installed as Provincial Grand Master by the Rt. Hon. Lord Cornwallis Past Pro grand Master. The PGM installed W.Bro. K.F. Crewes PSGD as his Deputy, reappointed W.Bro. J.B. Kitson as Asst PGM and appointed W.Bro. G. Helson as an Asst PGM. The PGM's apron was estimated to be 60-80 years old and beyond renovation. Generous donations from Love and Honour Lodge 75 and R.W.Bro. Nicholas Barrington purchased a replacement which they presented to the Province. Earlier that day at the Special Provincial Grand Chapter, E. Comp. N.J.F.C. Barrington was installed as Grand Superintendent by Lord Cornwallis Past Pro First Grand Principal. The Grand Superintendent installed E. Comp. The Rev. Raymond J.L. Wood as Deputy Grand Superintendent.
1995   On 7th March, St. Martin's Lodge 510 celebrated its 150th anniversary, with the PGM. On 7th April, the PGM and Provincial team dedicated the banner of the Maritime Lodge 9374. The PGM's Certificates to Brethren completing 60 & 70 years of membership in the Craft were presented for the first time. On 12th May, Lodge Lyonesse 6014 held a Thanksgiving Service St Just Parish Church to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lodge, attended by the PGM and Provincial Officers. On 8th June, the banner of Lodge of the Chisel 9398 was dedicated by the PGM and Officers. On 13th August, St. Euny Lodge 6025 held a service in St. Andrew's Church, Redruth to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Lodge having been consecrated in the crypt of the church. The new PGM's standard was processed for the first time.
1996   On 19th January, the First Provincial Almoners' meeting was held. On 11th April, Trewinnard Lodge 6157 held a service at St. Erth Parish Church to celebrate its 50th anniversary.
On 15th May, Fistral Lodge celebrated its 50th anniversary. On 29th June, the 2002 Festival Garden Party was held at Trewithen Gardens. Lady Farnham performed the Opening Ceremony, accompanied by Lord Farnham, the M.W. Pro Grand Master. The event raised over £8,000.  On 19th September, Essa Lodge 6278 celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the dedication of a Lodge
Banner. The PGM led the Provincial team. On 8th December, a Service of 9 Lessons and Carols was held at St Michael's Church, Newquay. The collection of £670 was made up to £750 and presented to the Church Restoration Fund to assist refurbishment after its disastrous fire.
1997   On 10th January, King Arthur Lodge 7134 celebrated its 500th Meeting, attended by the PGM. On the retirement of W.Bro. H.T. Willis B.E.M., as Provincial Grand Secretary, W.Bro. G.B. Tinker was appointed. In September the first of a series of Initiates Meetings took place. On 6th November, the PGM and Officers re-dedicated the banner at Restormel Lodge 856. On 21st November, Three Spires Lodge 9245 dedicated their banner. V.W. Bro. K.F. Crewes led the Provincial team. On 18th December, the offices of PGL moved to 7 New Bridge Street, Truro.
1998   On 4th April, at PGL Meeting W.Bro. J. Davy PPSGW was invested as an Assistant PGM following the retirement of W.Bro. G. Helson PGSD: who was presented with a silver salver and cheque to mark his retirement. On 1st August, Cornubian Lodge 450 celebrated its 150th Anniversary with a service at St. Erth Church and dinner. The PGM attended with the Grand Secretary V.W. Bro. J.W. Daniel.
1999   On 7th June, Loyal Victoria Lodge 557 celebrated its 150th Anniversary followed by a dinner. The PGM presided accompanied by Provincial Officers. On 12th October, St. Michael Lodge 2747 held a Centenary Meeting and Banner dedication followed by a dinner at the Hotel Bristol. The Provincial Grand Master presided and was accompanied by a number of Provincial Officers.
2000   The  Provincial  Grand  Master  accompanied  by  Consecrating  Provincial  Officers  consecrated  the Millennium Lodge of Cornwall 9708 on the 15th January at the Ponsmere Hotel,
Perranporth. True & Faithful Lodge 318 celebrated its Bi-Centenary on 5th September. The Provincial Grand Master presided and R.W. Bro. J.W. Daniel attended on behalf of Grand Lodge.
On 28th November, Sir Humphry Davy Lodge 9327 held their Banner dedication at which the Provincial Grand Master presided.
2001   The Banner of Eagle Lodge 8472 was dedicated on 2nd February. The Provincial Grand Master presided On 26th March, the Banner of Boscawen Lodge 699 was dedicated. The Provincial Grand Master presided. Druids Lodge 589 celebrated its 150th anniversary on 9th April. The Provincial Grand Master presided. The Provincial Grand Master presided at the 250th anniversary of Love & Honour Lodge 75 on 21st May R.W. Bro. Iain Ross Bryce, Dep. Grand Master attended on behalf of Grand Lodge.
2002   In February V.W. Bro. K.F. Crewes resigned as Deputy Provincial Grand Master. At Provincial Grand Lodge on 6th April, the PGM appointed W.Bro. J.B. Kitson PSGD as Deputy PGM and W.Bro. P.G. George J.P., PGStdB as an Assistant PGM. The Provincial Grand Master presided at the Banner dedication of Penhellaz Lodge No. 7680 on 23rd May. On 2rd June, Cornish Freemasons and their families together with Clergy and Civic Guests attended a Service in Truro Cathedral to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of Masonry in the Province. The Service was led by The Very Reverend Michael Moxon who accepted from the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. Nicholas Barrington the gift of a new altar for the St. Margaret’s Chapel and a Commemorative Boss. On 4th July, the Province celebrated its 250th Anniversary together with the culmination of the 2002 R.M.B.I. Festival with a reception and dinner at the Royal Cornwall Show Ground attended by more than 900 Freemasons and their Ladies. The Festival raised £2,831,730.51. The Provincial Grand Master presided and the Pro Grand Master M.W. Bro. the Most Honorable the Marquess of Northampton DL proposed the Toast to the Province. R.W. Bro. Brian Smith, President of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute and Members of the Board of Management and many other distinguished guests were also in attendance. The Banner of St. Budoc’s Lodge No. 8445 was dedicated on the 23rd October. The Provincial Grand Master Presided.
At the Cornish Master’s Meeting on the 27th November a presentation was made to R.W. Bro. Nicholas Barrington on his stepping down as Provincial Grand Master. As part of the Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Province a book entitled “The Thread of Gold” was published containing the history of the Province and its Lodges.
2003 Provincial Grand Lodge was held on the 20th March at the Hendra Holiday Park, when V.W. Bro. James Kitson DPGM was installed a Provincial Grand Master by the Assistant Grand Master R.W. Bro. David Williamson. The PGM installed W. Bro. J. Davy as his Deputy, reappointed P. George J.P. PGStdB as an Assistant PGM and W. Bro. H. Davey PAGDC as an Assistant PGM. The Provincial Grand Treasurer W. Bro. W.D. Williams PJGD retired after serving the Province for 17 years, and W. Bro. G.B. Tinker PAGDC retired as Provincial Grand Secretary. W. Bro. S.C. Pearn PPSGD was appointed the new Provincial Grand Treasurer and W. Bro. P.R. Lobb PPJGW appointed Provincial Grand Secretary. The Banner of Hamoaze Lodge No. 8513 was dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master on 26th March. On the 28th August, our Provincial Website was officially launched.
2004 In March the Amalgamation Ceremony of the St. Michael Lodge and Fistral Lodge took place. The united Lodges will be under the Banner of St. Michael No. 2747. In November W. Bro J.A. Olszewski was appointed Provincial Grand Secretary following the resignation of W. Bro. R.P. Lobb as a result of his wife’s ill health.
2005   The Provincial Grand Master appointed W. Bro. Michael H. Hart as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. 2006   Provincial Grand Lodge was held on 1st April, when following the retirement of V.W. Bro. John Davy as DPGM, the Provincial Grand Master appointed W. Bro. Peter G George as DPGM and W. Bro. Peter W Collins as Assistant PGM.
2007 At Provincial Grand Lodge on 31st March the Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. James B. Kitson presented R.W. Bro. Norman Lloyd Edwards with a cheque for £75,000 from the Cornwall Masonic Grand Charity as a donation to the New Masonic Samaritan Fund. Boscawen Lodge No. 699 celebrated its 150th Anniversary on 16th March, and St. Michael Chapter No 2747 celebrated its Centenary on 17th September. On 19th May W. Bro. Eric S. Williams PJGD was appointed Deputy Grand Master and Deputy Grand Superintendent of the District of Cyprus. Eric had loyally served the Province of Cornwall as Provincial Charity Steward; having been involved in the administration of the Masonic Charities for 18 years as well as being the Provincial Royal Arch Treasurer for 11 years before retiring to Cyprus in 2005.
2008 At Provincial Grand Lodge on 5th April, W. Bro. Stephen C. Pearn was appointed AsstPGM following the retirement of W. Bro. D. Harry Davey. W. Bro. Roger L Cargeeg was appointed
Provincial GDC after the retirement of W. Bro. Jack Crews. The Consecration of the Scillonian Chapter No. 7790 took place on 17th May at Newquay. E. Comp. Jan Olszewski was installed as the First Principal. The PGM, R.W. Bro. James B. Kitson, the Worshipful Master, presided at the Centenary Celebrations of the Cornish Masters Lodge No. 3324 on 29th September, when a new banner was dedicated. At the Installation Meeting of Cornish Masters Lodge Number 3324, on 26th November, R.W. Bro. James B. Kitson stated that he would be stepping down as Provincial Grand Master at midnight on 27th November, when V.W. Bro. Peter G George would become Deputy Provincial Grand Master in Charge of the Province.
2009 At Provincial Grand Lodge on 4th April, R.W. Bro. Peter G. George was invested as Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Cornwall by R.W. Bro. Jonathan Spence the Deputy Grand Master. The Provincial Grand Master appointed V.W. Bro. Michael H. Hart, PGSwdB as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and re-appointed W. Bro. Peter W. Collins PSGD and W. Bro. Stephen C. Pearn PSGD as Assistant Provincial Grand Masters. He then appointed W. Bro. Neville R.H. Don PJGD as an Assistant Provincial Grand Master.
2010   Lodge One and All No. 330 celebrated its bi-centenary at Bodmin.
2011 At Provincial Grand Lodge on 2nd April, W. Bro. Peter J.M. Roberts was appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master, following the retirement of W. Bro P.W. Collins.
2012 At Provincial Grand Lodge on 31st March, W. Bro Stephen C. Pearn was appointed Deputy PGM, following the retirement of V.W. Bro. Michael H. Hart. W. Bros. Jan A. Olszewski and Robert G. Alberry were appointed AsstPGMs following the retirement of W. Bro. Neville R.H. Don.
2013 At the Annual Investiture at Grand Lodge in April, W. Bro. R.G. Alberry was appointed JGD; W. Bro. W.B. Duke to AGDC and W. Bro. D.G. Leaity to PGStB. R.W. Bro. J.W. Daniel was promoted to PSGW; W. Bro. P. Hawken M.B.E. to PJGD and W. Bro. V.E. Marsh to PAGDC. The Perranporth Lodges on 17th July presented a Replacement Provincial Banner to the PGM, R.W. Bro. P.G. George. The 2013 Festival in support of the Masonic Samaritan Fund culminated with a Banquet at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay, on Saturday, 12th October, when the PGM presented a cheque for £1,876,879. R.W. Bro. David Kenneth Williamson, Assistant Grand Master and Worshipful Brother Dr. Giles R.E. Shilson Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies represented United Grand Lodge. R.W. Bro. Brig. William E Shackell, C.B.E. PJGW (President and Chairman of the Board of Management of the Masonic Samaritan Fund) and Richard Douglas (Secretary) represented the Masonic Samaritan Fund.
2014 On 19th March, the PGM presented the Bi-Centennial Warrant to W. Bro. William Thomas, Worshipful Master of Mount Sinai Lodge No. 121. At a Provincial Charity Event in Newquay, on 9th March, a total of £46,410 was presented to numerous local charities. H.R.H. the Duke of Kent, the M.W. Grand Master made an Official Visit to the Province on 1st April, he was accompanied by the Grand Secretary R.W. Bro. Nigel Brown, PJGW. On 11th October, E. Comp. David Kenneth Williamson, Third Grand Principal, invested E. Comp. David W. Pascoe as M.E. Grand Superintendent for Cornwall. At the Installation Meeting of Love and Honour Lodge, No. 75, on 8th December, R.W. Bro. Peter G George, PGM, stated that he would be stepping down as Provincial Grand Master at the Installation Meeting of True and Faithful Lodge, No. 318, on 8th January 2015, when V.W. Bro. Stephen C. Pearn would become Deputy Provincial Grand Master in Charge of the Province.
2015 On 11th April, The Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master invested R.W. Brother Stephen C. Pearn, as Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Cornwall. The Provincial Grand Master then appointed W.Bro. Peter J.M. Roberts, PSGD, as Deputy Provincial Grand Master. He reappointed W.Bro. Robert G Alberry as Assistant Provincial Grand Master and appointed W.Bro. Roger L. Cargeeg, PAGDC, as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. On 29th April, at the Annual Investiture at Grand Lodge, W.Bro. Peter J.M. Roberts was promoted to PGSwdB; W.Bros. Robert G. Alberry and Roger L. Cargeeg to PSGDs, and W.Bro. Edwin W. Richardson to PAGDC. First Appointments were W.Bro. David W. Pascoe to PJGD; W.Bro. Paul R.C. Gale to PAGDC and
John H. Veall to PGStdB. On 30th April, at Supreme Grand Chapter E.Comp Peter W. Collins was promoted to PGSwdB. First Appointments were E.Comp. Stephen C. Pearn to PAGSoj. and E.Comp. Peter D. Williams to PGStdB. Donations amounting to £56,676 were made on the 10th May at the Masonic Hall in Newquay, to over 40 non Masonic Charities by Cornish Lodges, Cornwall Masonic Associations and by the Provincal Grand Master on behalf of the Cornwall Masonic Benevolent Fund and Masonic Grand Chaity. On 19th May, The Cornishman Lodge had their new Banner dedicated by the Provincial Team lead by the Provincial Grand Master.
2016 On 2nd April R.W. Brother Stephen C. Pearn presented a cheque for £75,792.00 to representatives of the Macmillan Cove Appeal for the Macmillan Cancer Support Building at Treliske.
27th April at the Annual Investiture at Grand Lodge, first appointments were W.Bro K.J. Hicks PAGDC and W.Bro. M.O. Murton PGStdB. W.Bro. L.B. Roberts was promoted to PJGD.
28th April at Supreme Grand Chapter first appointments were E.Comp. Dr. the Revd. C.P.B. Blackwell-Smyth and E.Comp. R.W. Freeman to PGStdB. E.Comp. J.C. Dowding was promoted to PAGSoj.
19th May £43,192.00 was donated to local Charities at the Masonic Hall in Newquay.
30th June W.Bro. R.G. Alberry stood down as AsstPGM.
29th September W.Bro. D.G. Maskell and W.Bro. M. Winchester were invested as Assistant Provincial Grand Masters at The Cornish Master’s Lodge meeting.
19th November, celebration of the Sesquicentenary of Carew Lodge’s Consecration.
11th December, Annual Provincial Carol Service at St. Petroc’s Church Bodmin.
14th December, the passing of Nicholas John Fitzcharles Cannington Barrington, Past Provincial Grand Master 1994 – 2003, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent 1994 – 2014.


19th March, Cornish Freemasons and their families attended a Tercentenary Celebration Provincial Sunday Lunch at the Bristol Hotel, Newquay.
31st March, Twinning of True and Faithful Lodge, No. 318, Helston and Lodge Spazio, No. 11, Bologna, Italy.
1st April, Provincial Grand Lodge, R.W. Bro. Stephen C. Pearn launched the Kernow Mason Magazine and presented a Cornish Language Bible to the W. Bro. M. Willett, Worshipful Master of the Cornish Lodge, No. 2369, London.
26th April, at the Annual Investiture at Grand Lodge, first appointments were: W.Bro. D.G. Maskell, PJGD; W.Bro. M. Winchester, PJGD; W.Bro. P.G. Lakin, PAGStdB and W.Bro. B.A. Williams, PAGStdB. W.Bro. D.W. Pascoe was promoted to PDGSwdB.
27th April, at Supreme Grand Chapter first appointments were: E.Comp. M.A.J. Barnard M.B.E., PGStdB. E.Comp. B.K. Woodside was promoted to PGSwdB.
14th May, £45,414.09 was donated to local Charities at the Masonic Hall Newquay.
4th June, celebration of the Sesquicentenary of Eliot Lodge’s Consecration.
11th June, celebration of the Sesquicentenary of St. Andrew Lodge’s Consecration.
18th June, Provincial Tercentenary Celebration Civic Parade, in full regalia, through Truro for a service in the Cathedral.
8th July, Provincial Tercentenary Celebration Fun Day for family and friends at the Point to Point Racecourse, Trebudannon, St. Columb.
20th August, the Masonic Classic Vehicle Club organised The Classic 300 to route through Cornwall to celebrate the Tercentenary of United Grand Lodge of England.