V.W.Bro Roger Cargeeg, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Cornwall presenting W.Bro W.F.David Badcock with his 50 Year Certificate to Freemasonry. Accompanied by members of Trenwith Lodge No.6309 and Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies W.Bro Robin N. Webb.

What started out as a regular Lodge meeting at Trenwith Lodge 6309 in St Ives on November 2nd, was interrupted by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies demanding that V.W.Bro Roger Cargeeg, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Cornwall be admitted.

After processing to the East under the direction of the Lodge’s Director Ceremonies, V.W.Bro Cargeeg was offered the Gavel of the Lodge, which on this occasion he accepted.

Having taken the Master’s chair, V.W.Bro Cargeeg then proceeded to inform the Lodge that 50 years to the day, on the 2nd of November 1971 W.Bro W.F.David Badcock was initiated into Trenwith Lodge.

He then went on to explain W.Bro David’s Masonic journey in Freemasonry, which included him first occupying the Chair of King Solomon in 1981 and then once again becoming Master of the Lodge in 2019, the position which he still enjoys for his third successive year thanks to a dispensation because of the disruption brought on by the Pandemic.

W.Bro David received an active promotion to Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2009, became a joining member of Cornish Masters No. 3324 and later receiving his current rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden. He also holds the rank of Past Provincial Grand Registrar in The Holy Royal Arch (St Ia Chapter).

As well as being Master of Trenwith Lodge, W.Bro David also served as Secretary between 1999 and 2009 whilst also holding the office of Charity Steward, a position he has once again filled at his Proclamation in October.

In October 2021, W.Bro David became an Honorary member of Trenwith’s mother Lodge, Tregenna Lodge No. 1272 in St. Ives in recognition of the support he has given over the years.

V.W.Bro Cargeeg then proceeded to present W.Bro David with the Provincial Grand Masters 50-year certificate for continuous membership to the Craft, before returning the Gavel to W.Bro David so that he could resume the business of the evening, followed by refreshments in the bar.

Words & Imagery by Communication Representative, W.Bro Simon Mann