Terry (right) receives his 50-year certificate from W.Bro Mike Pritchard, SGD – Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Cornwall


Terence or Terry as he is more commonly known was born on the 2nd September 1942.

After leaving school Terry decided that he would follow in his Father’s footsteps and started his working life began as a carpet planner where he also worked with his older brother. At the tender age of 16 years he was the first person they were aware of to import polythene flowers from Hong Kong. This was an exciting discovery and has nobody had seen them before the business and Terry did very well for a year before the big stores took his idea and began to sell them.

At 18 years old he took the decision to buy his first bungalow in Sawbridgworth, Hertfordshire, in those days you had to be over the age of 21 to own a property. However ,after some negotiating the builder was kind enough to wait until he turned the age of 21 before the final payment was collected. On the 7th September 1963 and only five days after the completion of the house payments he was married to Maureen.

After a few years all his hard work started to pay off and he had started his own business, this included two shops that he owned the Freeholds for along with a contract business. At 27 years old  he bought his first Exhibition construction company that got so much work he had to buy another exhibition company to help complete all the contracted work. He developed these companies to include a design company, Model agency and an exhibitor planning service, he owned long term leases on Waverly Market Edinburgh, Bingley Hall Birmingham also two factories in south London, and one in Belfast. The factory in north London was Freehold and he had clients all over the wold and I even worked behind the iron curtain in Europe. To get about in this country he owned an aeroplane but he had a pilot to fly it and was lucky enough to own a Rolls Royce. Maureen and Terry moved to Waltham Abbey in 1968.

During this productive period for the business Terry also began his Masonic career he was initiated into freemasonry by Temple Bar Lodge 5962 on the 10th February 1971. He was passed to the Second Degree on the 10 Feb 1972 and Raised to the Third Degree 11 October 1973 he became the Worshipful Master on the 1 June 1986. of the and is still a subscribing member of Temple Bar Lodge today.



On the 22 January 1973 British shares fell by a reported 4,000,000,000 in one day and on the 1st April VAT came into effect in the UK. Things started to become difficult and so the decision was made to sell the exhibition companies and focus all his attention to the Barnet and Waltham Cross shops and the contract business. He was also now working for various banks and remembers the high-rise buildings in the city, the noise of the West end theatres, hospitals and hotels. Cutting back in some business areas afforded him the opportunity to open a very large retail warehouse in Broxbourn, Hertfordshire in 1981. During these busy years Terry still found time to be the WM of Holy Mount Lodge L6998 in 1982.

In 1983 his wife was unfortunately diagnosed with MS on a visit the Royal Masonic Hospital. This prompted an immediate career change and he decided to retired completely in 1985 at the age of age 43, so that he could give his full attention to care for her as by then she needed constant care. In 1987 they moved to St. Gluvias Cornwall. Maureen was now unable to communicate clearly and this became so hard for her in the later part of her life that he was the only one who could understand her. Maureen progressively got worse and became totally paralyzed, this required her to be fed by a tube, she also had a syringe drive and a suction pump to clear her breathing tubes, along with other medical devices, this meant Maureen needed 24-hour care, which he did without fail for 14 days on then 7days respite for all of the later part of her life. Maureen passed away in November 1998

In 1999 he started a relationship with Carole Whalley she had unfortunately lost her husband to MS 1996. They  bought a house together in Tregony in 1999 and things were good until 2000 when Carole was diagnosed with MS. They moved to a bungalow in Bodmin in 2002 then moved again in 2005 to a bungalow in Truro. During this time, he continued to care for Carole who became paralysed from the waist down but could fortunately still communicate clearly. In 2012 he was with a friend in the Old Ale House, and they got into conversation with two pleasant ladies and invited them to his 70th birthday party at a Chinese restaurant. One of the ladies was Carol Finch and Terry became very good friends with her as Carol was a care assistant and was interested in my care for Carole Whalley, who Carol Finch visited and they both got on well. Carole passed away in March 2015 and as we got on so well Carol finch and I got together later that year. In November 2015 we  travelled by car through France and Spain. In 2016 we were on a cruise when Carol was struck down with Transvers Myelitis and was the third lady in my life that I had to push in in a Wheelchair, Fortunately Carol has improved and can now walk with sticks.

Having settled in Truro Terry decided to become a joining member of Phoenix Lodge L331 on the 20th June 2005 and became the Worshipful Master of this lodge for the first time on the 21st January 2008. He became the SW in 2011 before the becoming the WM again in 2013. He has acted as the lodge mentor in 2016 and decided to become the JW in 2017 SW in 2018 before becoming the master for a third time in 2019. He was the DC from 2020-2022 and held the office as master for a 4th time in 2022. Terry still found time to be the WM of Holy Mount Lodge L6998 in 1982.



Terry’s Masonic Career has progressed over the years and he was first awarded provincial honours in Hertfordshire as a Provincial Grand Steward on the 09 September 1981 and was further promoted to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of works on the 28 September 1983. He was promoted to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden in the province of Cornwall on the 31 March 2012.

His Masonic career has not been confined to just the craft as he was Exalted into the Royal Arch on 06th Feb 1973 as a member of Walnut Tree C5192. He later joined Hertfordshire First Principles C4090 on the 02 October 1978, Gresham C869 on the 14 Sep 1981, before coming to Cornwall and joining Royal Cornubian C331 on the 06 October 2008 and finally became a joining member of Cornish First Principles C3324 on the 30 March 2009. He has also received provincial rank as the Past Provincial Grand Registrar for the province of Cornwall.


During Terry’s long and very distinguished career in Freemasonry he has shown a great deal of commitment and dedication to maintain the traditions and principles of the craft. From his magnificent record it can be seen that Keith has served Masonry and Cornish Masonry in particular with great distinction and loyalty to duty throughout his 52 years of service. He is a great ambassador to the cause and is always willing to help out and to share his expertise, as well known to be a highly skilled ritualist.