David was born on the 11th August 1949 and was educated locally. After school he attend the Cornwall Technical College, or Cornwall Tech, as it was known at Camborne. A fellow student at the time was a certain David Tangye. David then took a job with Graham Connelly to serve his apprenticeship. After that he joined E. Thomas based in Falmouth and then in Ponsnooth and worked for them for the best part of 25 years. He was responsible for the majority of pricing measuring and buying.
During his time he worked with Roger Kneebone and they were involved with a few homers ranging from grandfather clocks to building a house, which did not go down too well with the management, but in the main they had some good times.

After that David went to work for Cornwall Aluminium Windows Limited, Threemilestone, Truro, where he became a Director until his retirement.
Throughout his work career David has always been involved with numbers and figures, which also have featured in his Masonic career as well.

David’s Masonic career began on the 26th September 1972 when he was Initiated into the Colville Smith Lodge No.573. He was Proposed by W. Bro. J.R. Serpel and Seconded by Bro. B.C. Beattie. He was Passed on the 24th October and Raised on the 19th December 1972.

In 1972 the Prime Minister was Edward Heath, when the coal miners went on strike for seven weeks and he declared a state of emergency as a result of the strike. Unemployment exceeded the 1 million mark for the first time since the 1930’s. The UK’s last trolley bus system operating in Bradford was closed and the Brighton Belle Pullman made its final journey from London to Brighton. Crown Courts were established to replace the Assize and Quarter Session Courts. The school leaving age was increased from 15 to 16 and many new temporary buildings at schools had to be created to accommodate the children. The musical Jesus Christ Superstar by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber made its West End debut. Access credit cards were introduced. The first hypermarket in the UK opened in South Wales run by Carrefour a French owned company.

Other events that took place in 1972 were the completion of the final stretch of the M6 motorway, which opened between junction 6, Spaghetti Junction and junction 7 north of Birmingham. Edward the Duke of Windsor died of cancer and his funeral took place at Windsor Castle. Ford launches its New Granada model available as a saloon, coupe or estate car to replace the Zephyr. Nissan enjoyed a surge in sales of its Datsun badged cars with more than 30,000 sold, compared to 7000 the previous year. Honda also started importing cars into the UK for the first time including the Civic. The Dominion of Ceylon became Sri Lanka. The Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi won the British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch driving a Lotus 72D. The BBC programme Mastermind and Yorkshire television’s Emmerdale Farm were broadcast for the first time. The cost of a new Mini was £695 and Ford Cortina £1022. Following decimalisation a pint of milk cost 5p and loaf of bread 10p. The first electronic calculators became available at a cost of £70. The average house price was £7000.

The Local Government of 1972 affected Cornwall and in Truro and Falmouth the new Carrick District Council was formed replacing the Truro and Falmouth Rural District Councils.

David soon took a keen interest in the work of the Lodge and joined the Officer’s list and became a Steward in February 1975, an office he held for 4 years. Also Stewards with him at the time were Bro’s. Aubrey Ferris, Len Cole, Paul Holmes and Geoff Maynard. In February 1979 he was appointed Junior Deacon and the following year Senior Deacon. He was Installed into the Chair of King Solomon on the 23rd February 1982 and became the 44th Worshipful Master of Colville Smith Lodge No. 5738.

One of the highlights in David’s year in the chair was to Initiate, Pass and Raise his Father Walter, who he Proposed, exactly ten years and two days, after he was Initiated himself and all his Father’s Ceremonies were conducted on the same months as his own.

Having left the chair he again supported his Lodge as the Immediate Past Master in 1983, Senior Warden in February 1992. He again took the chair of King Solomon in February 1993 to become the 54th Worshipful Master. He also held the office Director of Ceremonies for 9 years from the 24th February 1995.

David again took the chair for the third time on the 22nd February 2022 to become the 84th Worshipful Master in his 50th year of being Initiated.

He joined the Cornish Masters Lodge No. 3324 on the 28th May 2008. He was also a member of the Robert Eliot Lodge No.9483 and held the office of Assistant Secretary in October 2012, Junior Warden in 2013 and Senior Warden in 2014 for 2 years.

David’s Masonic career further progressed when he was promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden on the 1st April 1998 by the then Provincial Grand Master RW. Bro. Nicholas Barrington.David also received a Grand Rank promotion to Past Junior Grand Deacon on the 29th April 2015 and further promoted to Past Deputy Grand Sword Bearer on the 28th April 2017 and to Past Grand Sword Bearer in April 2022.

His Masonic career has not been confined to Craft Masonry, as he joined the Holy Royal Arch and was Exalted into Volubian Chapter No. 75 on the 19th November 1991. He soon joined the officer’s list and took the chair of Joshua on the 21st March 2003, the chair of Haggi the following year and became the Most Excellent Zerubbabel on the 19th March 2002. On the 16th March 2004 he took the office of Scribe Ezra, which he held for 11 years.

David became a joining member of the Cornish First Principals Chapter No. 3324 on the 25th January 2003. He was appointed Steward in March 2011, Assistant Scribe Ezra the following year and First Assistant Sojourner in March 2013. He took the chair of Joshua in March 2014 and Most Excellent Zerabubbel on the 9th March 2019.

He is also an Honorary Member of five Chapters, including Scillonian, Valletort, Saint Martin’s, Tewington and Zetland.

His Royal Arch career further progressed when he was promoted to Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies on the 2nd October 2004 by the then Grand Superintendent Excellent Most Excellent Companion Nicholas Barrington, further promoted by him to Second Provincial Grand Principal in October 2007 and the following year to Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and office he held for over 6 years.

David received a Grand Rank promotion to Past Grand Standard Bearer on the 30th April 2009. He was appointed Grand Superintendent on the 9th June 2014 as the thirteenth Grand Superintendent in the 140th year since the Provincial Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was constituted in Truro. He has supported the Royal Arch and Craft Masonry through out this time.

David also joined the Falmouth Chapter Rose Croix No. 770 on the 10th November 2005. He proceeded through the offices and was enthroned Most Wise Sovereign on the 10th July 2014. He was invested as Treasurer at the Enthronement Meeting on July 2016 and has continued to hold it to this day. Later that year David was invited to attend a meeting of the Supreme Council in London on the 7th December when he attained to 30th Degree. He was also invited to join the Laurie Francis Chapter No. 1137 for members of the higher degree, which he joined on the 13th January 2017.

David is married to Elaine and they have a son. Following his retirement he bought a boat and enjoys going out fishing in his spare time. Unfortunately this year he has not been a good one for catching fish, which may be due to his hard efforts and having been made an Honorary Member of the CPFS (Campaign for the Preservation of Fish Stocks.

From this magnificent record it can be seen that David has served Freemasonry in Cornwall and in general with great distinction and loyalty to duty throughout his 50 years of service. He is a great ambassador to the cause and is always willing to help out and to share his expertise, which he delivers in a caring and helpful manner gaining the respect of all those he meets. If you want something doing always ask a busy man.