On the evening of 9th May 2023, Peace and Harmony Lodge No. 4456 witnessed a very special and moving Initiation Ceremony for a new member of the Masonic fraternity.

The candidate was Mr Ben Daniel Jenkins, a Travelling Showman by profession. He was proposed by his grandfather, W. Bro Tommy Rowland, and seconded by his brother, W. Bro Alan Jenkins.

The Worshipful Master, W. Bro Ian Kerslake, after conducting the ballot which proved favourable, invited W. Bro Alan Jenkins to take the chair and initiate his brother into Freemasonry.
The ceremony was performed with great skill and emotion by W. Bro Alan Jenkins, who was assisted by other members of the lodge and visiting brethren. The Lesser Lights were presented by W. Bro Ray Rowe, a long time friend of the family. The Secrets and Signs were communicated by W. Bro Alan Jenkins. The Address after the Badge and the North East Corner were delivered by W. Bro Stephens and W. Bro Browning respectively.

The highlight of the evening was when W. Bro Tommy Rowland presented the Working Tools to his grandson in a very touching manner. The Working Tools are symbolic instruments used by stonemasons to shape and polish stones for building purposes. In Freemasonry, they are used to teach moral lessons to the candidates.

After restoring himself to his personal comforts and re-entering the lodge, Mr Ben Daniel Jenkins received the Charge from his father, W. Bro Alan Jenkins Senior, who is a member of The Showman’s Guild Lodge No. 9089 in the Province of Somerset. The Charge is a summary of the duties and obligations of a Freemason. W. Bro Alan Jenkins Senior delivered it in an impeccable and impressive way.

The ceremony was a unique occasion for the Rowland/Jenkins family, as three generations took part in bringing a new member into Freemasonry in general, and Peace and Harmony Lodge in particular. W. Bro Tommy Rowland and W. Bro Alan Jenkins Junior are also Past Masters of The Showman’s Guild Lodge No. 9089.

The lodge was honoured by the presence of a good number of visitors from the surrounding lodges, who witnessed and enjoyed this memorable night.

W. Bro Alan Jenkins then handed back the gavel of the lodge to W. Bro Ian Kerslake, thanking him for allowing him to carry out what was undoubtedly a very special night for him and his family.

The lodge then closed in peace and harmony, and the brethren retired to enjoy a festive board with good food, good wine, and good company.

We congratulate Mr Ben Daniel Jenkins on his initiation into Freemasonry, and we welcome him as a brother into our lodge. We wish him all the best in his

Masonic journey.

A Special Night for a Travelling Showman
W. Bro Tommy Rowland (Grandad), W. Bro Alan Jenkins (Brother), Bro Ben Jenkins and W. Bro Alan Jenkins (Dad)
W. Bro Ian Kerslake in the centre