Whilst the end of the Festival feels like a long time away, for some, as I write this, I’m conscious that it means your Festival is a little over thirteen months away and bookings for the Finale event will likely go live in three months!

I know many of you will have heard of the great work that the Masonic Charitable Foundation does, whether that’s from your Lodge Charity Stewards and Almoners, from the Province at an Installation or from some of the information that the MCF posts on social media or via its IMPACT Report that it sends out to all registered members.

The MCF can only continue to do this amazing work, supporting Freemasons and their families, providing support to Local Charities or providing larger grants to assist National Organisations, if Freemasons continue to support it, (our Provincial Website highlights some of this great work like the donation of £15,00 to Penhaligon’s Friends). There are many ways to support the MCF, but its biggest source of support is via the Provincial Festival System.

A Festival is an amazing chance for the Province to come together as a whole and celebrate the work that it does. You, the members, have played a key role in the fundraising efforts, whether that’s through undertaking sporting events, sponsored head shaves and walks, creating Provincial Calendars or donating to qualify for one of the Festival Jewels.

The Province of course is able to assist you and your Lodges make the most of the Festival, the Team of Festival Co-ordinators including Richard White (North Cornwall), John Lawrence (Southeast Cornwall), Mike Eslick (Mid Cornwall) and Lee Graham (West Cornwall) are there to support you all.

Hopefully, you have all seen the details recently sent out about the Provincial Christmas Sunday Lunch at the Penventon Park Hotel on Sunday 3rd December, but if you haven’t please take a look at the link for more information. Also, there will be a Provincial Duck Race at the Merrymoor Inn at Mawgan Porth over the Easter weekend in 2024, details are also available from the Provincial Wardens.

In all the of communications I have sent to Lodge Secretaries and Charity Stewards, I try to remind them of a phrase which underpins everything that a Festival stands for “Make it Fun, Make it Easy, Make it Worth More”.

I’ve already alluded to some of the ways that you have made this Festival Fun. The MCF have made it easy for us by providing the Regular Payment Promises scheme (Direct Debits), you can qualify for a Festival Stewards Jewel by donating £12.50 a month over the next two years – PROVINCIAL FESTIVAL – Masonic Charitable Foundation (mcf.org.uk) (forms are also available just drop me a message).

I know a lot is said about Gift Aid, but it really does make your Donation Worth More, if you are a U.K. Taxpayer the MCF can reclaiming an extra 25% if you make your donations at the above link or via the Gift Aid Envelops you see dotted around the Province.

The MCF also provides Relief Chests free of Charge for Lodges, so they are able to make their individual giving worth more – please do ask the Provincial Charity Steward for more info if your Lodge is interested!

By supporting your Festival, you have really made a difference to the lives of so many people across the Province, and we should all rightly be proud of what the MCF does on our behalf.

If any member wishes to discuss their contributions to the 2024 Cornwall MCF Festival, those of their Lodge or if you need any more information about the MCF or your Festival please feel free contact me on 07825845319 or email fest2024@pglcornwall.org.uk

Finally, Brethren, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the support you have given during your Festival. Whether that’s to your Lodge Charity Stewards attending Lodge events that they organise, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward and the Festival Team in sporting our Provincial initiatives or The Masonic Charitable Foundation and our Provincial Grand Master for your continued support of your Festival and the work that they do on your behalf.

W.Bro. David Trevains – Festival 2024 Director