Michael John Howells presented with his 50-Year certificate by David. G. Leaity, Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Conwall

Michael or Mike as he likes to be known was born on the 11th of November 1940 in Haverfordwest, Wales and went to school there. After his education, he joined the Royal Air Force as a regular on the 15th of September 1959 and served all over the United Kingdom. Whilst in the RAF he met and married Rosemary on the 18th of September 1968. He obtained the rank of Flight Sergeant and retired from the RAF in August 1971.

Mike and his wife moved to Cornwall and set up a bakery business in Padstow employing and training young bakers, many of whom are now working with Cornwall’s top bakeries. They also owned the only private wine company in Cornwall.

Mike’s Masonic career began on the 2nd March 1971 when he was Initiated into St. Petroc Lodge No. 1785.

Some interesting facts for 1971 were that Edward Heath was the Prime Minister. The decimal currency came into circulation on the 15th of February, when a pint of milk cost 5p, a loaf of bread 10p, 20 cigarettes 27p, a pint of beer 16p and a bottle of whisky £2.53. A black and white television licence was £6 and a colour was £12. A gallon of petrol was 34p, the cost of a new Mini 850 was £641 and a Ford Cortina £968. The average house price was £5000.

Rolls Royce went bankrupt and was nationalised. British Leyland launched the Morris Marina, which replaced the Morris Minor of which 1.6 million cars had been sold. Arsenal won the FA Cup and Jackie Stewart won the Monaco Grand Prix. The ten-route Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham and the final section of the Victoria Underground Line were opened.

The first ever-postal workers strike took place. The highest unemployment figure of 815,000 was recorded since the war. The licence for radios was abolished, as was the stamp duty on cheques and receipts. On the 1st May 1971 the last broad sheet edition of the Daily Mail appeared and the Daily Sketch the oldest tabloid was withdrawn after 62 years.

Mike soon took a keen interest in the work of the Lodge and joined the Officers List as a Steward in December 1976. He worked his way up and became Worshipful Master on the 2nd December 1980. In 1989 he became Secretary of the Lodge taking over from W. Bro. Stephen Thomas, a position he held for 8 years when W. Bro. Alex Bradley took on the office. Mike has also held the office of Almoner for a total of 8 years between 1997 & 2015 and the office of Treasurer in 2007 for 3 years.

Mike was also a Founder member of the Cornish Links Lodge No. 9481 in 1992 and was their Secretary for 4 years.

Mike’s Masonic career further developed when he was promoted to Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon on the 4th April 1992 by the then Provincial Grand Master RW Bro. Robert Eliot. He was further promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden on the 1st April 1999 by the then Provincial Grand Master RW Bro. Nicholas Barrington.

Mike’s Masonic career has not been confined to Craft masonry as he was Exalted in The Royal Arch when he became a member of the St. Gwethnoc Chapter No. 1785 on the 18th April 1973.

In Mike’s spare time he is involved in the Padstow Community, being a member of the Rotary Club and Chairman of the Men’s Institute.

Mike has always been keen on sport and played rugby for Bath and York and was a member of the International Tankards Rugby team. He has been involved with the Wadebridge Camels youth team, where he was team secretary and chairman. He also taught rugby in Wadebridge School. He is also a member of Cornwall Rugby Golf Society.

Mike also has an interest in sport using spherical balls and is Chairman and Secretary of the Padstow Tennis Club and Captain of Trevose Golf Club as well as a member of the Masonic Golf Society.

From this magnificent record it can be seen that Mike has served Freemasonry in Cornwall and in general with great distinction and loyalty to duty throughout his over 51 years of service. He is a great ambassador to the cause and is always willing to help out and to share his expertise, which he delivers in a caring and helpful manner gaining the respect of all those he meets. If you want something doing always ask a busy man.