Tercentenary Masonic Parade Video

What a day for Freemasonry and Cornish Freemasonry in particular.
With the Summer sun blazing down on those Brethren in attendance and all across the city, at 1.30pm exactly the perfectly planned and organised parade started. Brethren from all across #ProvincialGrandLodgeCornwall were accompanied by supportive family and friends who watched as the parade began its journey from the Town Hall to the Cathedral.

What an amazing site it was to video, to witness the entire length of Boscawen Street lined with passionate Cornish Freemasons marching in unison was amazing. Everyone relished this unique experience and we’re left smiling, clearly enjoying themselves and each others company as if this were a regular occurrence and all captured on film and cameras from start to finish. (Imagine what it must have been like in 1880 when H.R.H The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall made his way through the streets, 137 years later it’s our turn) You couldn’t have chosen a better day to hold any event, leave alone a parade in full Masonic regalia but after months of planning and organising thanks to the dedication and determination of a few it became the total success we knew it would. Special thanks to the following Brethren for their help in organising, photographing and recording today’s extra special event for the future records of the Province: Doctor The Reverend, Worshipful Brother Peter Blackwell-Smith, Worshipful Brothers David Leaity, Andy Cole, Roger Norman and Brother Sebastian Oakley. Additional photographs will follow throughout the week that captured the whole enjoyment of the day. To those Brethren who attended today, thank you all for sharing in the occasion, we were viewed live from America, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and numerous other locations.

simply incredible! For those Non-Masons reading this that would like to learn more about Freemasonry or would like to consider becoming a Freemason, Please visit www.pglcornwall.org.uk or www.ugle.org.uk