Welcome to the Provincial Exhibition Unit


The Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall has two purpose made Mobile Exhibition Units. These two units have been designed, assembled, organised and are manned by a dedicated team. The Exhibition Units are available to travel the entire length of the County, to public shows and events, solely for the purpose of promoting Freemasonry within Cornwall. The Exhibition Units and Team are available for the benefit of all the Lodges within the Province of Cornwall. The units and resources will assist in the openness and transparency of Masonic promotion to the general public. The new Provincial Question and Answer booklets will also be available to assist in developing public awareness and Masonic knowledge for anyone interested in joining Freemasonry. Also the units will assist the Province in displaying the many successes we’ve accomplished in supporting so many deserving both Masonic and Non-Masonic charities. Come and talk to us openly and discuss Freemasonry at the following events and collect our latest free booklet:  The questions you’ve always wanted to ask about Freemasonry,  NOW ANSWERED

To book the exhibition unit, please contact the following Freemasons

Brother Sebastian Oakleysoakley@pglcornwall.org.ukn/a07471 823576
Worshipful Brother Andrew Orchardandrew@bovacottpark.co.uk01409 28170007721 750600