Welcome to the Provincial Grand L & D Officers Web Page
Worshipful Brother Michael Murton, PGStdB

“Lyonesse”, Gwavas Road,
Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5LX
Telephone: 01736 – 361546
Email:  momurton@pglcornwall.org.uk

The Provincial Grand L & D Officer is essentially the Education and Training Co-Ordinator for the Province.

Over the past few years, several “Orations” have been delivered across Cornwall and some of these have been subsumed into “Solomon” a searchable library of materials aimed at anyone with an interest in Freemasonry.

Solomon was officially launched via “Freemasonry Today” in December 2018, it is in its infancy but has well over 350 items available now. These will be refined and augmented in the years to come until we have the largest on-line-Masonic Resource in the World.

Learning and development will become increasingly important now and into the future so that all members can make that daily advancement in knowledge and understanding that is essential for a full participation in and enjoyment of Freemasonry.

To access Solomon for learning resources, use the link from this site or go to solomon.ugle.org.uk

The Provincial Grand L & D Officer will be holding  information mornings across the Province and then hopes to establish a group of “Presenters”, trained to deliver Education and Training to Lodges when asked.

The Provincial Grand L & D Officer works very closely with the Provincial Grand Mentor and the Lodge Mentors as they have a pivotal role to play in the newly launched Membership Pathway; the “Improvement Development Group” established by UGLE sees the roles of the Lodge Mentor, Lodge Membership Officer and “Solomon Presenter” as being very closely entwined and the way ahead in the 21stCentury.

The Provincial Grand L & D Officer is also involved with the training of Lodge Officers and the welcoming of new members to the Province. This is another  area which will be further developed in the future

The Provincial Grand L & D Officer is always ready to discuss any issues you may have, identify training needs, and is available to visit your Lodge.