Worshipful Brother Simon P Mann

The role of the Provincial Membership Officer is part of the recommendations from UGLE’s Membership Focus Group and the purpose is to help improve the attraction, selection, mentoring care for members and retention rates as well as aiding Lodges in developing and implementing a membership strategy, with a view to attracting suitable candidates.

The Provincial Membership Officer will help identify and share ‘best practice’ which is expected to have a positive impact on candidate growth and retention within the Province of Cornwall. The Provincial Membership Officer is responsible for continuing and evolving the concept of pro-active recruitment in the Province. This is intended to provide an opportunity for men who currently have no Masonic connections to find out more about Freemasonry in general. The role includes promoting Freemasonry at all appropriate opportunities including Community Shows, Exhibitions, Lodge Open Days at Masonic Halls and to follow up on any membership enquiries.


  • Worshipful Brother Graham Bennett PSGD. Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Cornwall
  • Worshipful Brother Simon Mann. Provincial Membership Officer
  • Worshipful Brother Eugene Clemence PAGDC. Provincial Grand Mentor
  • Worshipful Brother Tim Cockings. Provincial Grand Almoner
  • Worshipful Brother Sebastian Oakley. Provincial Grand Communications Officer
  • Brother Daniel Whitford


  • The Membership Officer will liaise with local organisations, local communities and Lodges in promoting Freemasonry in Cornwall.
  • To identify the characteristics of all Lodges and ensure each potential candidate would be the type of person that would fit.
  • To communicate the need to introduce suitable candidates and keep recruitment high on Lodge agendas.
  • To review, in conjunction with a Lodge committee, the recruitment activities of the Lodge: For example, introducing Non-Masons to social events, open evenings, white table events, family events and activities within the local communities such as volunteering and supporting local charities.
  • To review the process of interviewing a potential candidate and ensure Lodges adapt a suitable Q & A process.
  • To make known to Members the process of introducing potential candidates and visitors to the Lodge.
  • To assist the Proposer and Seconder in the initial preparation of the prospective candidates.
  • To liaise with the Candidate between the Initial contact with the Lodge and his Initiation.
  • To advise members of what is acceptable in terms of responding to requests for information from the public and answering the question: “What is Freemasonry”


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For further information or assistance with Membership for your Lodge please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Officer of the Province of Cornwall

Worshipful Brother Simon Mann  ProvGMO
Membership Officer of the Province of Cornwall
2 Millfields,
Green Lane West,
Cornwall. TR17 0HH.

Mobile:  07737 808170