Welcome to the Provincial Grand Almoner’s Web Page
Worshipful Brother Tim Cockings

Provincial Almoner 

Tel: 07939 649 688

Email: almoner@pglcornwall.org.uk


The role of the Provincial Grand Almoner (PGA) is, broadly, fivefold:

1  Support our Lodge Almoners

To provide support, guidance and advice to all Lodge Almoners within the Province of Cornwall to enable them to perform their important pastoral duties efficiently, and with care, compassion and discretion.

2  Provide advice and support to our Brethren

The PGA is happy to answer enquiries personally from members looking for more information on applying for grants and other support from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF).

3  Manage a team of Visiting Volunteers (VVs)

The PGA is responsible for appointing and managing a team of eight dedicated Visiting Volunteers (VVs) that operate throughout the Province. These VVs are the conduit through which all applications for financial, medical & family support on behalf of our Brethren and their dependents are directed to the MCF for processing. Our VVs give generously of their time in the role thus enabling the MCF to process applications and award grants quickly and efficiently, and as PGA I wish to record my sincere thanks to them all for their hard work. Lastly, in this section, the PGA monitors the award of grants to individual beneficiaries and the subsequent distribution of grant monies to them by the MCF.

4  Report to the Provincial Executive

The PGA reports to the Provincial Executive on the distribution of grant monies awarded by the MCF to beneficiaries within our Province; these typically amount to some £350 000 each year.

5  Be an Officer of the Cornwall Masonic Charitable Foundation (CMCF)

The Cornwall Masonic Charitable Foundation (CMCF) is the Province of Cornwall’s own registered charity controlling a sizeable fund from which, each year, it makes dozens of awards to both masonic and non-masonic good causes throughout the Province. The office of PGA automatically makes the holder an Officer of the CMCF, with seats on both the CMCF’s Management Committee and Sub-Committee.


The role of Lodge Almoners:

Each Lodge within the Province has its own Almoner, a very important role and one traditionally held by a senior Brother. The core role of the Almoner is to be the “eyes and ears” of the Lodge, ensuring the welfare of its members, widows & dependents.

To perform this role an Almoner will need to possess considerable tact, courtesy, discretion, patience and humour; a sympathetic disposition, a commitment to helping people, and the necessary time and energy to devote to the benefit of Lodge members and their dependents.

Specific responsibilities include (amongst others and in no particular order):

• Maintaining regular contact with sick or distressed Lodge members, widows/widowers/single members, and families of recently deceased brethren.

• Being alert to the needs and problems of Lodge members and their dependents.

• Making contact with members not attending Lodge meetings.

• Being aware of the aims and activities of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), and of our own Cornwall Masonic Charitable Foundation (CMCF), and how to access the support they offer, together with a basic knowledge of the range of support available from the state and from non-Masonic charities.

• Providing support to members in financial difficulty particularly through initiating the process of making applications for help to the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

• Reporting on the above to the members at each Lodge meeting, while preserving due confidentiality.

• Maintaining an up-to-date record of the names and contact details of Brethren, widows and dependents whilst ensuring compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In addition to the above, a good Almoner will make himself aware of happier events such as birthdays, births and special wedding anniversaries so that the Lodge can send appropriate greetings.


Useful Resources for Lodge Almoners:

General information on the MCF and the support it offers, including an online eligibility-checker, can be found at:


More detailed information and guidance for Lodge Almoners, including useful downloads, can be found on the MCF’s dedicated webpages for Almoners at: