04-04-19 W. Bro. Christopher Snell (WM-Saint Andrew Lodge) accepting the Travelling Gavel from W. Bro. Keith Perkins (WM-Towan Lodge) at their recent meeting. Saint Andrew Lodge arrived at Newquay with an impressive 13 members to take the Gavel back to Tywardreath.

The Travelling Gavel was presented to Worshipful Brother David Bray of the Three Grand Principles Lodge (No.967) in 2008 by Worshipful Brother Jack Treganowan of the Copper Country Lodge (No. 135), U.S.A.

The idea of the Travelling Gavel is to encourage visiting between Lodges in the Province of Cornwall, the ground rules are as follows:-

  • To claim the gavel, five or more members from a visiting Lodge must attend the meeting of the Lodge holding the gavel.
  • If more than one Lodge attends the meeting of the Lodge holding the gavel, the Lodge with the greatest number of visiting members claims the gavel.
  • If Lodges with equal numbers of members visiting the Holding Lodge make a claim to the gavel, then the Lodge that meets the furthest from the holding Lodge takes precedence. (This is to add the maximum possible miles to the total travelled.)
  • The gavel can only be claimed by Lodges within the Province of Cornwall.
  • The gavel cannot be claimed at an Installation Meeting.
  • The gavel cannot be claimed by a Lodge meeting within the same complex of a Lodge already holding the gavel. (This is because it is a “travelling” gavel and a claim within a complex does not add any mileage to the total travelled.)
  • The gavel can only be claimed at festivities after the Lodge is closed.

When you claim the Gavel, please add the date and your Lodge name and number to the travel document which accompanies the Gavel. This then shows how far and wide the Gavel has travelled. Please email your details to the Travelling Gavel Website Editor, as well, so that people can see where the Gavel is.

Thank you.

Click HERE to access the official mileage chart.

The next meeting of Saint Andrew Lodge (1151) is on Thursday, 30th May 2019 at 7.00 p.m.
They will be initiating a new member into Freemasonry and it would be good to see a large turnout to welcome the Initiate into our fraternity.

DateLodge Name & NumberMilesRunning Total
06-Mar-19Saint Andrew Lodge (1151), Tywardreath21.9588.4
06-Mar-19Towan Lodge (7684), Newquay16.1566.5
14-Nov-18Carlyon Lodge (7392), St. Austell12.7550.4
06-Sep-18Roseland Lodge (8734), St. Michael Penkivel15.6537.7
13-Jul-18Eagle Lodge (9472), Perranporth37.2521.7
04-Jun-18King Arthur Lodge (7134), Tintagel13.4484.5
29-Mar-18Molesworth (1954), Wadebridge16.2471.1
07-Mar-18St. Andrew (1151), Tywardreath17.4454.9
15-Feb-18Roseland (8734), St. Michael Penkivel50.6437.5
09-Mar-17St. Mary’s (8892), Callington5.6386.9
18-Nov-16Cotehele (2166), Calstock11.7381.3

To access the complete travel list of the Gavel please click HERE.